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My dermatologist recommended oxygenetix. It is light, breathable, doesn't crease, covers completely, blurs, corrects fine lines, makes pores disappear...all while being virtually undetectable. I don't know how this is possible. I do know, however, that I will never use another foundation besides oxygenetix ever again. Thank you!

Shana Brown

I have been using Oxygenetix as my daily foundation since it became available. I love the natural flawless look that it gives my skin and the fact that it is light and breathable is fabulous. I have worn it while working out or sitting around outdoors during the summer and it remains beautiful on the skin. You just look like you have great skin!!!

Bonnie Jene

Oxygenetix is an incredible foundation! I have found that many foundations break me out and Oxygenetix really solves this problem. It's great to have found a foundation that has such great, natural coverage... Plus, I love the fact I can wear it to the gym!

Molly Taylor

I will NEVER use any other foundation on my skin. Once you try Oxygenetix you will never go back to regular foundation. It is good for your skin, gives the best base possible and stays put all day. It's quite simply genius!

Emma Noble

Who knew you could fall in love with a foundation? Completely head over heels for Oxygenetix, I will never use another.

Sophie Lowe

This is an amazing product, I wish I would have used it years ago.

Mindy Bruny

Fantastic product! Literally covers everything. It's the best product on the market! Love it!

Alyona Gaillard